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Being a teacher is full of ups, downs, and in betweens. I love the look on a students face when they learn how to read. I love when students can solve problems on their own. I absolutely love when students feel proud of their work, and want to share it with the class. This blog is going to be full of moments in the classroom, pictures, and sometimes videos. Take everything with a grain of salt, as it is my opinion & reflections.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Welcome to High School

My world has officially changed as I know it. I went through a whirlwind of fun this summer with the Teacher of the Year state finalist process. I am now happily working at an amazing high school full of the most special students. I have had a memorable first couple of days.

Monday: We went over rules and procedures. We introduced ourselves and talked about some interesting topics to begin with. We discussed preconceived notions and how to handle those. It was an enlightening conversation.

Tuesday: We kicked it back, elementary style. I had the students practice the procedures a few times, and set up the purpose of the class. I explained the rigor of the course and the expectation.

Wednesday: My favorite. Today we discussed authority, and I sought their opinion on what they wish teachers knew. It was so incredibly powerful to hear what these amazing students wish teachers knew.

Then we discussed photo analysis. We discussed preconceived assumptions of people, and how everyone has a story worth hearing. We discussed Human of New York archives, and tried to discuss what types of questions the creator of Humans of New York asked to elicit those types of passionate responses.

I love this school, and I cannot wait to see what this year holds.

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